The 110th Day of School

The 110th day of school is Wednesday, March 7th!  Our class will celebrate the day with a variety of activities that involve the number 110. Please help us to prepare for this classroom celebration. 

Your first grader will need to find 110 items from home to bring to school.  Children could use 110 buttons, 110 toothpicks, 110 stickers, 110 words, 110 cards, 110 stamps, 110 Legos...The possibilities are limited only by the imagination!

Sometime during the day, we'll pass out colored paper for our students to use as a base to organize their collections into 11 rows of 10.  Then we'll walk around the room to check out the many wonderful and creative ways to represent 110.  We've already asked Ms. Berry's class to come in for a viewing!

Please send in your child's collection sometime during the first week back after vacation!


Valentine's Day

Our class will celebrate Valentine's Day on Wednesday, February 14. Students may bring in their valentines any day that week. Please check your valentines against the following names to make sure no one is forgotten: 

Adam, Aishani, Anish, Emileigh, Isabella, Isiah, Jonah, Joseph, 
Leah, Micah, Nico, Noah, 
Reed, Sam, Sammy, Sawyer, Summer, Wilhelmina, and Zephy 

Thank you!


Revised Classroom Rules

Recently, the Snowy Owls met to review the classroom rules we wrote last fall.  We decided to vote on each rule to make sure it was still working for us.  Thumbs-up was a YES vote, thumbs-down was a NO vote and thumbs-in-the-middle meant it wasn't really working for us.

The first four rules passed quickly with each vote.  However, the last vote, which I thought would be a "shoe-in", received several thumbs-in-the-middle votes.  When asked why it was only sometimes okay, they weren't quite sure why that was so. 

I asked, "What exactly is wrong?  Isn't it important to 'Follow what people say when they talk to you'?"  That's when I heard a little voice say, "Well, not if the words are INAPPROPRIATE!"  I had to smile at that because she was exactly right!  Below you will find images of the two posters of Classroom Rules--the fall version and the version we'll use for the last half of this school year.


Check Out This Cool How-To Video!

Friends are always amazed when I tell them we write procedural text in first grade.  After one such conversation, a friend emailed this to me.  I honestly COULDN'T WAIT to share it again! 


Click on this egg to watch a "How-To Separate Eggs" lesson!

Our new How-To writing unit will begin in the middle of this coming week.  Please talk with your children to help them to determine which parts of their lives they are an "expert at".  

Then, we'll be able to slowly break down steps in order to write procedural text. Most will have done this last year so they should have schema to connect to.  

I will kick off this unit by helping them to write a group How-To book that details the "best way" to get undressed and dressed in snow gear inside the classroom.


How to Solve Small Problems

This week, we will share a video titled "It's Your Choice, Baby" that reminds students of Freddy Frog's nine possible solutions for the small problems in our lives. For the record: It's usually a good idea to try at least two before going to an adult for help.

Please click on the frog to link to a video to watch Freddy Frog's cousin, Kelso, share the very same tips in a somewhat new way.